Raspberry Pi - Hardware Preparation

Starter Kit

1×Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
1×DIYables Sensor Kit 30 types, 69 units
1×(Optional) 9V Power Adapter for Arduino
1×(Optional) Screw Terminal Adapter for Raspberry Pi
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Optional Sensors/Actuators

1×Push Button
1×(Optional) Panel-mount Push Button
1×Ultrasonic Sensor
1×HC-SR501 Motion Sensor
1×Keypad 3x4
1×Keypad 3x4 and 4x4 Kit
1×Piezo Buzzer
1×ADS1115 ADC Module
1×Servo Motor
1×Touch Sensor
1×Light Sensor
1×DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (WITH Adapter)
1×DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (WITHOUT Adapter)
1×Electromagnetic Lock
1×Door Sensor
1×Raspberry Pi Motor Shield R3
1×Stepper Motor

Buy Note: Many DS18B20 sensors available in the market are unreliable. We strongly recommend buying the sensor from the DIYables brand using the link provided above. We tested it, and it worked reliably.