Arduino UNO R4 - Blink multiple LED

Arduino UNO R4 blinks multiple LED

This guide shows you how to program an Arduino UNO R4 to make multiple LEDs blink at different frequency without using the delay() function. It offers the code in two ways:

We will demonstrate with three LEDs. You can easily adjust this for two LEDs, four LEDs, or more.

Hardware Preparation

1×Arduino UNO R4 WiFi
1×Arduino UNO R4 Minima (Alternatively)
1×USB Cable Type-C
1×220 ohm resistor
1×Jumper Wires
1×(Optional) 9V Power Adapter for Arduino UNO R4
1×(Recommended) Screw Terminal Block Shield for Arduino Uno
1×(Optional) Transparent Acrylic Enclosure For Arduino Uno

Or you can buy the following sensor kits:

1×DIYables Sensor Kit (30 sensors/displays)
1×DIYables Sensor Kit (18 sensors/displays)
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Overview of LED

Explore our comprehensive guide on LEDs, covering how to connect the hardware, how they work, how to set it up with Arduino UNO R4, and programming steps. Find out more here:

Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram between Arduino UNO R4 multiple LED

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Video Tutorial


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