Arduino Nano ESP32 - Blink multiple LED

This tutorial instructs you through programming the Arduino Nano ESP32 to blink multiple LEDs simultaneously without relying on the delay function. Each LED can blink at a different frequency from the others. We'll use three LEDs as an example, but you can easily adapt the code to blink more LEDs.

Hardware Preparation

1×Arduino Nano ESP32
1×USB Cable Type-C
1×220 ohm resistor
1×Jumper Wires
1×(Optional) DC Power Jack
1×(Recommended) Screw Terminal Adapter for Arduino Nano

Or you can buy the following sensor kit:

1×DIYables Sensor Kit 30 types, 69 units
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Overview of LED

We have specific a tutorial about LED. The tutorial contains detailed information and step-by-step instructions about hardware pinout, working principle, wiring connection to ESP32, Arduino Nano ESP32 code... Learn more about them at the following link:

Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram between Arduino Nano ESP32 and multiple LED

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Video Tutorial


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