Arduino Nano - Blink multiple LED

This tutorial instructs you through programming the Arduino Nano to blink multiple LEDs simultaneously, each at its own frequency, without utilizing the delay function. While we'll use three LEDs as an example, you can effortlessly extend the setup to include more LEDs.

Hardware Preparation

1×Arduino Nano
1×USB A to Mini-B USB cable
1×220 ohm resistor
1×Jumper Wires
1×(Optional) DC Power Jack
1×(Recommended) Screw Terminal Adapter for Arduino Nano

Or you can buy the following sensor kit:

1×DIYables Sensor Kit 30 types, 69 units
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Overview of LED

We have specific a tutorial about LED. The tutorial contains detailed information and step-by-step instructions about hardware pinout, working principle, wiring connection to Arduino Nano, Arduino Nano code... Learn more about them at the following link:

Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram between Arduino Nano and multiple LED

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Video Tutorial


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